KoshieO - When Style Meets Culture


Koshieo brings new life to everyday wear by combining Ethnic inspired prints with contemporary designs.

There’s a lot of symbolism embodied in our clothing to represent both ethnic aesthetics and American culture in which our design house blends fabrics uniquely. Vibrant colors and eye catching patterns pop from our clothes, with exclusive trims creating a story of luxury and style.

A lot of work is put into the details and craftsmanship. It takes about 2 weeks to produce one item making a very trendy and comfortable fit.


Born and raised in Ghana in west Africa, Nina’s aesthetics have African roots, but redefined for the international markets. From a young age, Nina was exposed to elegance and fashion by her mother Goody who was an outstanding fashion designer of her time.

Mentored by the Editor of chief of Vogue Italia, the Late Franca Sozzani, Nina got the opportunity to sharpen her skill set by learning from an iconic leader in her field, thereby pioneering one of the fastest growing ethnic inspired brands available today.

Nina took up a part time job while studying biology at the University of Missouri, trading in shoes and bags to her peers between New York and the Midwest area. Through this, she realized her extreme passion and zeal for fashion and business, could be harnessed at one place, hence birth of the KoshieO fashion brand.

In Ninas own words “The KoshieO brand was designed in order to bring new life to everyday wear”.Our luxury fabrics combined with a hint of vibrant ethnic-inspired symbolism give a custom feel to everyday fashion pieces required for the modern lifestyle”.

Nina creates timeless pieces by focusing on the simple but obvious details and craftsmanship of every collection, as well as drawing inspiration from her colorful background and heritage.