PULLIN & Maceoo Underwear - Mens Printed Boxers


    PULLIN underwear and swimwear will leave you feeling stylish, even when you are wearing next to nothing at all. Printed trunks with popular patterns express your individuality—whether that means fun and colorful or a little more refined. PULLIN trunks look great on the beach or in the bedroom, and you can take your pick from any of the signature patterns to find the ones that complement your style best.

    Made of a silk-smooth polyester blend, these trunks are made to be worn, including an elastic waist and rounded seams for a shapelier bottom. Designed to suit the bodies of all men, PULLIN trunks are here to meet your needs. They are the perfect way to catch the attention of those closest to you, bringing together unique style and maximum comfort. Try a pair out for yourself today and see how they can put an extra spring in your step.


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