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Au Noir Boca Slim Fit Jean

Au Noir jeans were built and designed with attention to every detail, very much like all the products they make, while always putting fit, integrity and comfort first.?ÿNot forgetting the signatures and colorful fun finishes that have made them famous. You will notice the buttonhole on an angle like?ÿAu Noir shirts. The buttons are the same special pentagonal shape.?ÿThe pocketing, inner lining and interior finishes are designed with some of the specialty garnishes as used in their shirts and blazers.?ÿ
  • Au Noir 2019 Collection,
  • Standard length of 34" for all sizes,
  • Slim Fit, (intermediate fit)
  • Stretch?ÿTencel Material,
  • Ship from Montreal Canada,
  • Imported