4 Male Style Icons That Inspire Fashion Decisions

There are a few male style icons that have come out over the past century that will simply always be in the forefront of menswear designers minds. Most of the time, these guys didn't do it on purpose, they just dressed how they felt – which is why they are complete and timeless icons. Their style just happened organically. They were the first ones to do it. So, without further adieu, here are the 7 most inspirational men's style icons! We could all afford to take a tip or two from them if our aim is to impress.

1. James Dean.

James Dean is, and probably always will be, one of the most influential style icons of all time. A huge reason why James Dean is a style icon is because of his effortless simplicity. He usually sported a pair of jeans with a tee-shirt and a black leather jacket. If his actual wardrobe isn't the exact point of inspiration, it's his ease and nonchalance that designers try to embody with their clothing lines.

2. Steve McQueen.

Steve McQueen always did whatever he wanted. He also always wore what he wanted, and was TRULY a trend setter. His choices still influence designer decisions, and you can see it reflected in almost every menswear fashion show. As a 1960's film star, he truly tagged the chinos, desert boots, 1960's style cardigans, and casual turtle necks.

3. Brad Pitt.

It's undeniable that Brad Pitt knows how to dress. Every time we see a new paparazzi photo of him, it seems as though Brad's outfit is inspiration enough for a new line. Not only is he known to spot unique eye wear, he has also been trend setting in terms of his hair styles and facial hair choices. Brad's super cool in his fedoras, man bags, motorcycles, and of course beautiful wife, Angelina Jolie.

4. Adam Levine.

When Adam Levine isn't busy running around New York City with his super-model girlfriends, playing in Maroon 5, or judging the voice, he's setting rock-star worthy fashion trends. In fact, he actually has his own line out now. What's admirable about Levine's line is that it's featured at K-Mart so that the majority of the population has access to it! He's been known to sport over-sized trench coats, which have caused a controversial stir in the fashion world. If you haven't checked Adam Levine's look book – it's about time.

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