Collection: Maceoo® Shirts | Designed in Paris & San Diego Inspired

For nearly a decade, Maceoo shirts have attracted the bespoke and fashion forward with their unique, stylish designs. Sexy, sophisticated and expressive, the Maceoo shirts collection is the epitome of understated elegance and class.  Fashioned from the finest materials the world over, this collection boasts luxury fabrics from destinations such as Egypt, India, and Turkey; each color combination and carefully juxtaposed design choice has been thoughtfully selected to evoke a casual elegance; from the sensual textures of Europe to the laid back coastal charm of California, this collection both unique and timeless.  Maceoo men's shirts are sewn with impeccable craftsmanship, and feature stylish square buttons, dapper double collars, and slick cuffs and lapels to embody the wearer's unique style and individuality. Designers and craftspersons at Maceoo believe that fashion is as much about art as it is about functionality; compromise on neither with the ultra comfortable, fitted designs in the Maceoo Collection.