Welcome to Men Fashion - Only The Finest, a journey that began with a vision and a passion for unique style. I'm Michael Duguet, the founder of this family-owned business. Originally from France, I've always been drawn to industrial design and fashion. My inspiration came from my mother, who owned a restaurant, where appearance and the art of presentation were key to creating a memorable dining experience.
In 2010, I moved to the US, and the journey took a stylish turn. My distinct fashion choices often prompted the question, "Where did you get your shirt?" It was the birth of a unique idea. I introduced the Parisian brand "Franck Michel" to the US as the exclusive North American distributor. The success of this endeavor fueled my desire to bring more European exclusive, trendsetting brands to American shores.

To me, clothing is a reflection of individuality and should empower you with confidence on any occasion. Whether it's a romantic date or a crucial business presentation, our curated pieces are designed to set you apart from the crowd.

Our original name, urunique.com, signifies the craftsmanship and exclusivity of our products. It's a promise that you'll look as stylish as you feel. We've since become menfashion.com, but our values remain unchanged.

Today, I'm not just a business owner; I'm a husband and a father to three wonderful kids. Our family photo, taken at a recent wedding, represents the heart of our business – a close-knit, family-oriented endeavor that's dedicated to offering you the finest in men's fashion.

Thank you for choosing Men Fashion - Only The Finest. We invite you to explore our unique collection and become part of our fashion family.

Michael Duguet - Founder Owner

Menfashion Family - Michael Duguet