Franck Michel vs. Via Uomo - Which Men's Fashion Line Is Right For You?

Franck Michel Shirts for Men

Have you ever seen a Franck Michel shirt? He's a very well known designer from France and throughout Europe. His shirts are extremely unique, high quality, and dynamic. Their features often showcase a double collared look, and a watchband french cuff – which is a loop of leather around the cuff which is meant to replace a watch band. All of the shirts are 100 percent cotton. They're also tailored and slim fit. These shirts are the highest quality that you can get at their price... Each season, Franck Michel comes out with a slew of new shirts each season that keep his customers coming back for more. They're a wardrobe staple – meaning, they're extremely versatile. Whether you need a shirt for the office or a dinner date, Franck Michel has you covered.

Men's Via Uomo Shirts

Via Uomo is a brand that is pretty hard to top. Their designs are extremely detailed – When you wear them, you'll be sure to stick out in the crowd. But not in an obnoxious way. Simply put, there's just something about these shirts. They are slim cut, tailored, and made to last a long time. Investing in one of them is truly investing in an essential wardrobe piece. This shirt can be worn for a variety of different occasions in a bunch of different settings. However, no matter where you go, this shirt is made to impress. Welcome to your new favorite shirt, Via Uomo. Stick out in the crowd, and be unique. Be yourself.

Luckily, at, we provide both of these brands. Unfortunately, they're not available in the United States. We're the only business in the United States that provides this unique brand. This is good for you, however, because you'll definitely be the only one of your friends wearing this brand. Check out our amazing selection of Franck Michel and Via Uomo Shirts!

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