Bertigo Men's Shirts - This New Fashion Line ROCKS!

Our new brand, Bertigo, features both classic and innovative takes on the dress shirt. They're beautifully cut and tailored, which give them their unmistakably high quality aesthetic. These European dress shirts are perfect for many different genres of occasions, be it for work or for the office. That being said, we thought we'd give you a little outline of the different looks we love to sport with these beautiful dress shirts.

1. Business Casual Look

This look is versatile. It doesn't need to be worn for the office, but it certainly works. A great look would feature a pair of tailored khakis, but you could also substitute khakis with another complimentary color pant. A great idea for shoes would be cap toe shoes. Finally, to pull the entire look together, a knit tie could compliment the entire look, since it is not too dressy & still maintains the casual yet professional look.

2. Wine and Cheese in the Park

This look is a lot more casual, but naturally, it's still nice to dress to impress. A great way to do this is by incorporating a blazer with the look, a pair of dark denim jeans, dark brown suede shoes (or leather desert boots), and an interesting pair of socks to accent the entire outfit. Another fashion forward thing to do is to incorporate a patterned pocket square into the blazer.

3. Warm Weather Casual – Backyard Parties

With this type of outfit, you could make some key choices that will really make your outfit stand out with a men's Bertigo shirt. If the shirt is solid colored, choose a colored pair of shorts that will really accent the shirt. You could choose to wear the outfit casually by leaving the shirt untucked. If you don't want to leave it untucked, you could choose to tuck it in – but wear a casual braided brown belt with it.

These are just a few ways to make an outfit out of your Bertigo shirt. Be creative. This shirt is extremely versatile. We're sure it'll become one of your favorites. Check out our new selection on our website.

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