Vice69 vs. Franck Michel - Men's Fashion Shirts At Their Prime

Vice69 Men's Shirts

Vice69 is a new brand that pushes the boundary of the graphic tee, collared polo, and baseball cap. These shirts are embellished with detailed artwork prints that are ridiculously fashion forward. If you're interested in the world of house music and club culture, this brand is definitely for you. It's definitely not for the timid or meek. Vice69 is made for individuals who want to stand out – for people who want to make a statement. Not only are these designs bold and fashion forward, they are modernly fit, cut and sewn out of the best pima and liquid cotton.

You won't find clothing like Vice69 in stores near you. The designers want to keep it a secret, so that it doesn't become mass produced. Stand out amongst your friends, and in a crowd. Check out our selection of Vice69 shirts.

Franck Michel Designer Shirts

Do you like designer shirts? Do you like European shirts? The price tag isn't always something we like, though. Fortunately, you get the quality of designer, and the finest italian cotton with Franck Michel shirts. They're like a hidden gem among dress shirts, especially in the United States. They're not available anywhere in stores in the United States, actually.

Franck Michel shirts are truly unique – they are an exceptionally versatile shirt. If you're a fashion-minded individual, you can take this shirt a long way. No matter which occasion you have, you can make a Franck Michel shirt work. The features on this shirt are truly elegant. The most notable feature being the leather watch band, or also the reverse collar. The reverse collar as well as the leather watch bands are stunning accents to the dress shirt – and they're definitely overlooked by American designers.

Luckily, we have both of these selections on our website. You don't have to look any further for affordable, high quality dress shirts – you've come to the right place.

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