Make every sidewalk your runway this winter

This summer, couture runways never stopped lighting up with single-file previews of this winter's must-have fashion statements. From heavy coats to somber color schemes, there's plenty of inspiration to borrow from the top men's fashion designers. Stock up on some of the essential designer shirts, coats, and accessories to make sure everyone knows you're a modern man who can weather winter in style.

Cool colors

If you want to stay on trend this winter, Maceoo and Jared lang shirts are going to be essential elements of your wardrobe. These daring designers drift toward the unusual with their color schemes, which are usually full of a rainbow's worth of vibrant hues. However, the fall and winter collections on this year's runway were full of dark and somber shades, so stick to severe blacks and grays or deep blues and browns.

Winter's cool, dark palette is perfectly at home in the well-tailored designs of our newest men's button-down shirts. "Cool" goes both ways when it comes to color; you'll look cool in hues that fall on the cooler end of the temperature spectrum. Think about the difference between the sea and the sun above it; you should channel neutrals and blues to avoid sticking out like a sore thumb. But designers like Jared Lang throw hints of warmth into their lines, too. Deep, dark red is a good choice for an otherwise neutral ensemble, or as a complement to lighter blues within the same pattern.

Bulky layers

Just in time for the year's coldest temperatures, men's collections have finally jumped on the layering bandwagon that has dominated women's collections for decades. Gone are the streamlined silhouettes and minimalist fabric choices of the past few years. This winter, men are layering up, and it doesn't matter how bulky it gets or how many fabrics are at play. Don't be afraid to throw a coat that's full of outer pockets on top of your suit, or a hooded sweatshirt underneath your trenchcoat. This is one trend that doesn't require you to sacrifice your comfort, so make the most of it and pair your lighter sweaters with outerwear that can be removed in layers.

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