How to Dress For a Fantastic First Date


Whether you've swiped right on Tinder, found a potential soulmate on, or are getting fixed up by a very enthusiastic married friend, you need to look your best for any first date. Knowing what to wear isn't a dilemma that is exclusive to women either. A well dressed man knows that he has to show off his style in just the right way for the occasion.

Remember that this isn't work

You dress well for work, so you can just wear the same thing on the date, right? Wrong! You aren't going to a business meeting, so don't dress for one. While some of the same principles hold true, the attire should be different. For a first date, ditch the three piece suit and opt for a fashionable shirt and blazer combination. This can give a touch of refinement without the feeling that you're there for a corporate merger.

Don't fear color

Women don't want to date a boring man, and nothing screams boring like a plain white dress shirt, fresh off the nearest department store's shelves. Instead, use your shirt as an opportunity to add some color. What you choose will be a reflection of your personality. Whether this is a bright, bold pink with patterned cuff detailing, like the limited edition Even 521 shirt by Bertigo, or a patterned blue, like the Jared Lang dark blue camouflage shirt, it will show her that you have a personal style. If you feel the need to stick with white, though, consider the Au Noir white shirts with a playful cuff pattern or a woven pattern detailing in the fabric.

Finish the look

You have your shirt and you've chosen a great blazer. Whether this is a subtle patterned blazer by Maceoo or a bold, colorful velvet sport jacket by Via Uomo, a pocket square can add that extra touch of class. It can be a bright addition to a subtle jacket and shirt combination, or a calming monochrome for a sleek and modern style.

When you look great on a first date, you'll make a lasting impression from the moment she sees you. Whether it ends up being love at first sight or not, you'll know it certainly wasn't down to a bad choice of clothes!

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