Dress Code: Casual Doesn't Mean Sloppy

Casual doesn't mean sloppy!


Whether it's casual Friday at work, joining the guys for Monday night football, or a weekend trip with your main squeeze, there are plenty of times when a suit just won't do. But being casual doesn't mean you have to break out the sweatpants and a scruffy T-shirt. You can still look great, even when you're looking casual. 


Casual for work

While many companies have done away with a strict "casual Friday," the mentality is still there in many offices. Dressing down at the end of the week is fine, but don't take it too far. Instead of a suit, opt for a designer shirt paired with slacks or dark jeans. The formality of the button down shirt can be offset by either your pants or by choosing a more vibrant color or pattern that wouldn't work during the rest of the week.

Casual for play

Heading out for a bit of fun with your friends isn't the time to practice your pocket square techniques. Instead, consider a fine polo shirt paired with a great pair of jeans. Maceoo offers a great range of polo shirt designs that feature contrasting cuffs and collars, double collars, and other detailing that you'd normally see on a more formal shirt. This gives you the touch of class you want while still keeping an overall casual look and feel to your style.

Casual for a weekend away

Going on a weekend trip can mean the need for different types of casual attire. While an afternoon visit to a vineyard might be the right place to wear jeans and a slim fit grey polo shirt with plain cuff details, like the LDC shirt from Maceoo, that look simply won't work for an evening meal at a fine restaurant.

When going for a weekend away, pack a mix of casual and semi-casual clothes that you can mix and match. For example, the jeans you wore during the day can be dressed up with a designer shirt and blazer combination. The velvet blazers by Via Uomo are always a great choice, as they show a bit of your fun side while still giving you the refined look you want.


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