5 Timeless Menswear Basics You Can't Ignore

Au Noir Collection: White Dress Shirt For Men With Jacquard Fabric
There are certain styles that remain constant no matter the century, year or locale. Here's our list of five timeless classics for men that form the foundation of a basic wardrobe, upon which you can build as you go forward and as seasons and fashions change.
1. Trench coat

A high-quality trench coat can take you through meetings, wet weather, a date or an art show. This is a must-have for the well-dressed man's closet. Choose classic colors and tailoring that will go with most anything, such as black or khaki.

2. Basic white, long-sleeve dress shirt

Again, this shirt can do double-duty for work or entertainment. Since it is plain white, it can match most anything and it is classic; it will never be out of style. (Pictured left: Au Noir White Dress Shirt with Jacquard Fabric)

3. Dress khaki pants

While styles do change as pants go, it is easy enough to add a few key pieces with traditional styling that will last through several seasons. Khaki is easy to match with any color. You can dress these pants up with a luxury shirt; dress them down with a plaid shirt; dress casual or suave with a Jared Lang shirt... so many possibilities for this timeless wardrobe piece.

4. A classic black tie

Why do they say "a black tie event"? Because the black tie epitomizes formal wear. This essential item can be your go-to for churches, weddings, meetings and any high-society event you might attend.

5. Solid-color, plain, dark blue jeans
Blue jeans have been popular for so long, they will never go out of style. While you may feel the need to buy high-end designer jeans to give your wardrobe pizzazz, do buy at least one plain dark blue pair that is free of any fancy designs and bells and whistles. The understated classic lines will continue to serve you as long as the fabric lasts, long after the fashion fads have ended. Also, you can always dress up the classic jeans with designer shirts on sale when you find them.

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