5 Rules of Thumb to Dressing Well

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Some men seem to have no trouble putting together the perfect ensemble. They wear their suits and fashion shirts with ease, pulling off daring combinations you wouldn't consider but always staying true to their distinct sense of personal style.

Then there are the men whose style seems much more obtainable. They usually travel with friends who wear slight variations of the same exact look, which changes to follow the trends of each new season. Even if the clothes and accessories are high-quality and complement each other well, the overall effect just isn't the same.

If you want to attain a lifelong sense of style, you'll have to do more than follow fashion trends. Every well-dressed man lives by the following five fashion secrets. Make your own outfits look organic and cultivate a lifelong sense of style by doing what they do.

1. Hire a tailor

Instead of buying a dozen designer shirts and wearing them off the rack, invest in one or two of the highest quality dress shirts and take them to a tailor. Nothing is more valuable than the perfect fit, so don't settle for clothes that aren't quite right.

2. Know your body type

You can't choose flattering clothes unless you know what works on your body type. Interesting, repetitive patterns will add the illusion of bulk to a thin torso, but if you're overweight, you may want to stick to a simpler fabric and layer a tailored jacket over it.

3. Use color in small doses

There's nothing wrong with multicolor plaid shirts or suit jackets in bold jewel tones... unless you wear them at the same time. Rely on a foundation of pants, jackets and shirts in neutral shades like brown and tan, then stick to one colorful item per outfit.

4. Invest in a clothes brush

Your clothes will last longer if you prevent small particles from getting lodged in the fabric. Buy a brush, and use it on every shirt, jacket and pair of pants after you take it off. You can also preserve the quality of your shoes with a cedar shoe tree, which absorbs excess moisture and holds their shape.

5. Stick to a few basics

Don't jam your closet full of different styles, patterns and colors. Instead, make sure you have a few of every basic wardrobe staple, from white T-shirts to dress pants. Mixing and matching these quality pieces is easier than putting together a brand new look every single day, and it ensures that everything complements each other. There's no risk of clashing colors or ill-paired fabrics when everything in your closet already gets along.


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