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Dressing for Success During the Holidays

by Michael Duguet December 15, 2014

While there are a few very lucky men out there who are able to pull off the sloppy jeans and t shirt look around the office, most men are working their way to the top dressed in a suit, a designer shirt, and tie. The age old saying of “dressing for the job you want” is one that you really should start listening to, as there is some major truth behind it. Dressing like a million bucks has never gotten someone turned away from a club or fancy restaurant, whereas trying to pull off the “I’m laid back look” definitely tends to backfire.

The general rule that every man should live by when it comes to dressing is that you can never be over dressed, especially during the holiday season. People will look at the man who is well dressed and instantly assume that he has either come from somewhere much more fancy than where he currently is, or that he is actually on his way to a much better and fancier place, probably with better food and expensive cocktails. Instantly, this man has been placed on a higher, more successful pedestal compared to those around him, those who are simply just meeting the dress code standards.

Think about the people who are in the positions to give you that dream job, the table by the window, or upgrade you to first class; they will almost always make their judgment call based on their immediate perception of you. While you cannot control whether they see you as the nice person you really are inside, you can control the image you present to them and to others. While there is no uniform for what success looks like, you can be sure that the guys who are getting close to the big titles, fancy cars, and sipping their complimentary glass of champagne in first class almost universally wear designer shirts.

So how are you supposed to dress for success? Well, you can never go wrong with a button down shirt. The button down shirt remains an essential in the man's wardrobe, as it is extremely versatile, and can instantly improve the way you look and feel. A quality dress shirt is something you're going to want on you at all times. Don't be caught without one this holiday season. 
Michael Duguet
Michael Duguet

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