WATCH: How to Tie a Necktie Merovingian Knot

You may have heard of some fancy tie knots such as the eldredge knot, or the tulip knot, but there's another that's making waves in the men's fashion community.

Once again, YouTube user Alex Krasny gives a lot of value to fashionable men with this awesome video tutorial on this unique necktie knot, called the merovingian knot (also called the edity knot). 

You can watch it below:  

This tie knot gained momentum in the movie The Matrix Reloaded worn by the Matrix villian "The Merovingian" as pictured below.

Be forewarned: this should not be paired without a vest, or outerwear that hides the rest of the tie as it is too short to wear otherwise.


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  • Emerick

    Love the knot.

  • Phylandus Doughty

    Nice!!! I really appreciate you showing my something new. At one . Of time I didn’t wear ties at all. But now that I do, it’s pretty cool to try something new and different. Thanks for you New look

  • Eric Rhodes

    This knot is great i like it

  • Paul McDaniels

    Thanks for the video post.. I love it, always looking for a new way to tie my tie.

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