Why You Should Invest in a Quality Designer Shirt

Gone are the days when men used to wear dress shirts just for work or a night out. It is without a doubt that modern day designer shirts have taken shirts for men to a new level. Due to their successful expertise and creativity, you will be required to pay more for designer shirts compared to the amount you will pay for ordinary shirts. Most designer shirts have a starting cost of around $150 retail. For instance, Robert Graham’s dress shirt collection starts from $168. So, the first question that comes to your mind is: What makes designer dress shirts worth investing in? The following reasons will convince you that these shirts are worth the price you pay for them:


Fabric used in a designer shirt is of high quality and hence the higher price you will be required to pay for the collection. The reason why you will find various designer shirts varying in cost is due to weaves, kind and quality of the material used to make them. High quality designer shirts are made from silk, cotton, wool or synthetic which makes the price vary depending with the percentage of these materials. When you purchase a designer shirt, you get the value for your money.

The Fit and Size Pattern

Designer dress shirts are designed to fit exact measurement patterns. They are made to fit you perfectly. Ordinary dress shirts are much cheaper compared to designer shirts since they are made for a much larger market. Unlike the ordinary shirts that are designed to fit different sizes (though not perfectly), designer shirts have precise size pattern which justifies their cost.


The process of stitching designer shirts involves a high level of methodology and proficiency. The slightest error can result in a poorly made shirt which can affect the reputation of that brand negatively. For the designers’ brand to be successful, they have to hire the most proficient, meticulous, and experienced tailors. Some brands opt to use machines for their production to reduce the costs but machines are prone to manufacturing error as opposed to proficient tailors. Brands that use tailors tend to have higher quality designer dress shirts compared to shirts manufactured using machines.

Brand Name

It is obvious if you want to wear a designer shirt of a renowned brand, you will have to pay more for it. This is because high ranked brands offer high quality designer shirts.

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