Men's Street Style Trends for Summer 2015


It’s hardly an easy task to translate men’s ‘runway style’ into something workable every day. But thanks to the growing popularity of men’s street style, designers are now creating collections keeping the practicality of everyday life in mind, which in turn, is making high street fashion more accessible to average men.

Stylish men have been drawing inspiration from Men’s Fashion shows in London, Milan, Paris, and New York etc., gaining insights from what went down the runway. While some styles are classified for menswear elite, a few trends become a part of our everyday wardrobe. From catwalks to sidewalks, here are some street style trends for men that are ideal for adding some flair to your look this summer.


1. Wear Contrast Sleeves

Contrast sleeves has been a popular trend for stylish gents ever since varsity jackets came back into style few years back. However, we are not talking about the boring simple black leather sleeve. The trend this year is to wear jackets with sharply contrasting sleeves, both in terms of fabric and color. In fact, light olive jackets with canary yellow sleeves are swiftly making their ways to modern gent’s wardrobe.

In terms of fabric, you can easily spot leather sleeves against tweed jackets. Although the bomber jacket is the key silhouette for this trend, contrast sleeves are increasingly appearing on polos, t-shirts, shirts and knitwear.

If you are not willing to invest in such an item, you can layer tailored vests or gilets over smart separates and suiting to achieve a similar effect. However, keep this style reserved for a chilly summer day.


2. Glam Up with Checked Tailoring

Again, this is an oldie still growing strong. You can find checked tailoring in almost everything, ranging from the classy and sophisticated tartan motifs and Prince of Wales to statement-making windowpane checks and more subtle gingham patterns. This style definitely adds versatility and a glamorous tinge to your wardrobe.



Many think this is a style trend for autumn/winter, but this vintage style also looks put-together in a chilly summer evening. Checked tailoring has gone through makeover over the past few years and is especially recommended if you want to look bold.

To keep the whole thing subtle, you can opt for only one check piece as the focal point of your outfit and keep the rest of the items simple. For example, you can pair up checked trousers with plain, solid colored shirts. Another way to wear this style is wearing dark trousers with a checked waistcoat and light colored shirt, preferably in white or pastel shades.



3. Red is the Color of the Season

All shades of red are popular this summer. You can pick any shade, ranging from fire engine and rose to brick and vibrant tomato-like tones. In fact, from carmine to scarlet, red is omnipresent for men’s fashion trend in summer 2015.

The trend is pair them up with beige, white, navy or black pieces. But if you are stylish enough, you can also add other colors. For example, sport on a wine shade blazer with a black tee and a pair of blue jeans. However, avoid burgundies and dark berry shades for this season.

This color of passion adds overt sensuality to your everyday look. Since it is a high impact color, it is very easy to harness its full potential. The secret to wear this color, however, is to keep your accompanying pieces muted and pared-down. Also, limit your accessories; a white silk pocket square or a solid dark tie is just enough to make you look put-together.

After red, shades of blue and green are popular combo this summer. When it comes to blue, the color is not only fresh and slimming but is also easy to wear and it goes with almost everything. With green, however, you need to be careful when combining with other colors. Both darker and lighter shades of green look best with a white or beige background.


4. Statement Stripes for Summer

This probably the easiest patterns for men to pull off, which justifies why most men are in “love with statement stripes”. Although Gucci set this trend in motion, other luxury brands like Dior Homme, Kenzo & Paul Smith and E. Tautz applied statement stripes to almost everything on the SS15 runways.


Bold and bright, stripe is fundamental to men’s style and is hardly season-specific. You can wear them on t-shirts, custom shirts, chinos, cargo pants and even blazers. You can take inspiration from Gucci and opt for a narrow white pinstripe for a laid-back and casual preppy look.


But if you are ready to broaden your horizons and of course your stripes with it, try block-stripes instead of the usual pinstripes. Pastel or multi-coloured stripes are equally stylish and make great neutral warm-weather staples.


5. Reinvent Denim

This hard wearing fabric, except for jeans, was a faux pas until very recently. But fortunately, designers have redefined this fabric and are trying to reposition it on the fashion street. The denim jacket, for example, has been re-imagined by designers and is gradually becoming a popular casual wardrobe staple. Faded denim shirts are also coming back into trend. In fact, they look elegant enough with a pair of washed straight-leg jeans and a suede jacket and a patterned neck scarf.

The best part about denim is that you can dress it up or down, depending on the occasion. Pair up your denim shirt with a blazer and knitted tie to look dressed-up or you can wear it open over a plain white/printed tee and a pair of chino shorts for a more casual, laid-back look.

6. Formal is the New Casual

Dressing down has always been a popular trend in summers. But this season, stand out by adding some formality to your outfit. For example, elevate your plain, simple jeans and t-shirt look with a customized blazer and add a pocket square.

Similarly, you can combine a dress shirt with slacks and forget the tie for a polished, yet relaxed look. This trend is a great way to dress if you don’t want to look overdone. However, opt for quality fabrics that are rich in details. Also, stick to slim and summery cuts.




Summer fashion is all about looking fresh. The trick is opt for versatile items that can be mixed and matched. Also, avoid slim-fit buttoned-up shirts and skinny jeans/trousers to make room for some more louche alternatives as it is both trendy and practical as temperatures rise.





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