Get Ready for Summer: Trends In Men’s Summer Fashion Shirts

Summer shirts 
Men, summer is coming up and it’s time to prepare your fashion choices.  Here we are going to concern ourselves with the choice of what fashion shirt you might select.  Let’s start by thinking about the fashion challenges that summer events pose.  
First of all, there is the obvious fact that it is going to be warm, or maybe even hot, which makes selecting a fashionable shirt even more important than in the dead of winter, as you are less likely to pair it with a blazer or other accessories.  Your shirt is likely to be on full display for the duration of the event.  Additionally, because you’ll have diminished opportunities to accessorize you’ll probably want your shirt to do a little more than it might in the winter.  Feel free to take risks with your shirt selection then, go with something that will make you stand out from the crowd.  I like to select bold colors, and I’ll be a little more experimental and wear shirts that have embroidery and large color-block patterns.  
Another factor that you should consider in your quest to select the perfect summer shirt versatility.  If you are planning on going to indoor/outdoor events, you’ll want a shirt that looks equally at home with the sleeves rolled up as buttoned down, and something that looks at home at a beach party or in a club.  For this concern, I suggest sticking to long-sleeve shirts, but going for lighter summer colors that look great outside in the sun.  European designer dress shirts have a fashionable and elegant look that allows them to be at home at night events as well.  In my opinion this sets them apart from most American offerings which might look great on the beach but could make you seem underdressed at a club or other event where people will be dressing to impress.
For examples of offerings that meet some of the challenges of summer fashion dresswear check out   At they offer the wares of French fashion design house Franck Michel.  Franck Michel produces luxury fashion shirts that help to set French and European fashion trends and will certainly set you apart from your colleagues wearing more boring American designs.  Their summer series includes shirts like the Marina Turquoise, which has a unique color-block pattern, and the Rio Red, which has exceptional watch-band French Cuffs and bold floral fabric. shirts generally retail in the $129-$149 range which means that they are certainly a luxury item, but if you are a savvy shopper you’ll find you can sometimes receive a good amount off of retail by entering a code or signing up for their newsletter.

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