Contrasting Colors and Patterns: Fun on the Edges of Men’s Fashion Shirts

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One of my favorite new style trends in men’s fashion shirts is the addition of eye-catching splashes of contrasting colors to otherwise simple classic shirt styles.  These contrasting colors and patterns can take a lot of forms and can be seen in many places around the design of the shirt; often they are found on the inside of the cuff or the collar, or between the front buttons and only exposed when the wearer chooses to spice up his look by undoing a few buttons.  By giving the choice to the wearer about how much flavor to add to his look, by undoing buttons or rolling up the cuffs, these shirts provide versatility which broadens their appeal to a larger segment of fashionable men.  Additionally, this versatility really increases the wear-ability of the shirt once it is in your closet.  For instance, you might opt to button the shirt up almost all the way when you are at work for a more conservative look, but the shirt will seamlessly transfer to a great option for after dinner drinks, just by unbuttoning a couple of buttons it keeps you from looking like you came from the office. carries shirts from the well-established but cutting edge Parisian fashion house Franck Michel.  One of my favorite examples of this style right now are the Pablo Blue, which features a small light blue gingham print, with a beautiful pattern of blue and white flowers as the contrasting detail.  The Pablo Blue is available in sizes from XS to 2XL and retails for $129.  For an option that I would classify more as nightwear, go with the Italian Black Palermo.  This black satin dress shirt features a lavender plaid pattern on the interior that really stands out against the smooth black satin.

Because so many of these shirts come in a solid color, or with a classic pattern, I think they look great at work buttoned up and tucked into dress pants.  However, as I previously alluded, I also think they look equally at home with the top few buttons undone, untucked and paired with either the same dress pants that you might have worn to work, or with a pair of dark jeans.  Either way, these shirts are sure to catch the eye of any fashion conscious friends that you may have.  They give off a vibe of casual elegance and sophisticated fashion that doesn’t scream, “Look at me!” but still makes it clear that you are a man who cares about fashion and his own appearance. 

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