The Perfect Gift For the Stylish Father: Updating His Wardrobe

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If you’ve got a father with a lot of style (or maybe one that needs a little more style), consider moving on from the typical necktie gift for Father’s Day. The necktie, while an essential piece in any working man’s wardrobe, can be hard to pick out for a man who is up there in his years, and may have many neckties already. However, what your father probably doesn’t have, and would love, is a beautiful European dress shirt. European dress shirts are unlike the American dress shirts that he probably currently wears.  

First of all, European dress shirts fit much slimmer. This can make picking them out a bit tricky, but if you consult the size chart you’ll be fine, and your father will love the way that it makes him look after years of wearing shirts that aren’t meant for his body. They will sit differently, enhancing his shape and most importantly enhancing his confidence.  

Secondly, European dress shirts like those from Franck Michel are made with the highest quality Italian cotton. Your father will appreciate the way the cotton feels, as well as its durability; it will look great through years of wear. Franck Michel shirts are also constructed in Europe, further speaking to their high quality and long-lasting qualities. Designed in France, materials from Italy and constructed in Europe, they’ll match perfect with his fancy European luxury car.

Lastly, for a father with style these fashion dress shirts will allow him an opportunity to stand out from his friends. Though he may seem stuck in his ways, or without interest in fashion, it’s likely he’s doing his best to look good he just needs your help. For a man who may have an interest in fashion but might not be following the latest fashion trends as well as you are, it can be the perfect chance to show your dad what the coolest fashion shirts look like these days. Be careful though, once you get him started it’s unlikely that he will stop after just one designer French shirt. Between the luxury details and the enhanced quality compared to what he is used to, he’ll definitely be asking for more gifts in the future!

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