Hey Men, The Clothing You Wear Can Shape Your Future

If someone is trying to tell you that style doesn't matter, they're lying to you. Dressing well has always been a vital aspect of status, success, and (increasingly) expression. Making careful fashion decisions will help you to feel and look your best for all occasions. 

Visually Appealing and Easy on the Wallet-


People oftentimes think that in order to look good, they'll have to spend thousands of dollars. A smart fashion shirt along with freshly pressed pants are able to often make a lasting impression on your friends and colleagues. In addition, a great pair of shoes will really help to take an outfit to the next level. Those worn in, scuffed up shoes aren't going to cut it. Statistics have shown that women truly do judge men on their shoes upon meeting them. 

So, you're asking how are my style decisions going to impact my future? If you think about major events in your life such as getting a job, getting promotions,  meeting your life partner, and setting a good example for your children... don't you think your clothing totally has an impact on these things? If you wore sweatpants and sneakers everyday for the rest of your life, you won't be nearly as successful as you could be. How you carry yourself truly makes a different in terms of the things that are happening throughout your life.

Keeping up to date with the latest fashions and trends:


Fashion is consistently changing. Even though male fashion doesn't change at the same pace of women's fashion, there is still changes that occur every season. In order to stay fresh and focused, you might want to invest in cargo pants, double collared shirts, cargo pants, and high top sneakers on a semi-frequent basis. Taking care of your clothes while washing them carefully will definitely help them last longer, and also, make you look better in them. You don't have to have a very extensive wardrobe- if you have a few key pieces, you can mix and match to create many different outfits.


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