Style Icons: Big Bang Theory - Who Are These Fashionistas?

When you think of men’s style, you probably wouldn't turn to a theoretical physicist, an experimental physicist, an aerospace engineer or an astrophysicist for sound advice. However, the four Big Bang Theory “nerds” have taken the world by storm - not only with their humor, but with their intriguing fashion sense too.
Clothing that was once considered cool and unpopular is now considered chic. It's a very specialized form of chic at that- we typically refer to it as geek chic. We see examples of this type of fashion while we're walking down the street everyday. Just consider  the big, thick frames glasses that everyone is wearing.
Below. we have provided a brief guid on how to achieve a look similar to the unique clothing styles of Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter, Howard Wolowitz and Raj Koothrappali.
Sheldon Cooper is ironic, but not in the same way as most hipsters of this generation. He just simply doesn't care about being fashionable at all. He'd probably be quite amused at the fact that he is considered to be a style-icon.
Sheldon's style is centered around his long sleeve t-shirt collection. Typically, his t-shirts feature robots, super heroes, and science-based jokes. While is style would be considered pretty casual by the normal person, he is also known to wear designer suits or shirts on occasion. His quirkiness lies in his unconventional color combinations. 
Similarly, Leonard is known for his casual get-ups. A typical outfit that Leonard would wear is science-themed tees, brown trousers, sweat jackets, and converses. The next time you go to Brooklyn, you should look around. You'll see many people rocking this look. He also is the founder of the "geek glasses" look. 
Howard is very self aware. He knows exactly what it is he wants his sense of style to do. He wants to express his inner nerd through this "science-couture" look, while attracting women.
Howard's style is considered to be "vintage". He seems to be extremely inspired by the 1960's, specifically, The Beatles. A characteristic outfit would be a turtle neck, a dickey's plaid shirt, or skinny jeans with chunky belt buckles. His nerdy edge is characterized by a Batman belt buckle that he oftentimes wears.
What we can take away from these fashion icons is that it's best to stay casual. None of these influential figures wear fancy suits or expensive wardrobe pieces, but that didn't stop their wardrobes from being extremely sharp.

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