Paul Parkman Shoes - Men's Luxury Handcrafted Footwear


Paul Parkman offers only the highest quality leather shoes, each painstakingly hand-crafted. Made from genuine leather, hand-painted, and made to order specifically for you, the customer, calling these works of art something as simple as 'shoes' is almost an insult. Whether you're dressing for the all-important job interview, a night out with the guys, or even if you simply dress nicely all the time, having your own unique look is what makes you stand out.

Imagine you're going in for a job interview. Most of the guys and gals you'll see waiting in the hallway or coming out of the interview office will generally have on regular, drab, black leather shoes. If they're trying to impress their potential boss, they might be well shined and buffed.

Then you walk in with your Paul Parkmans. All eyes in the room turn towards you as you confidently stride into the room, wearing your uniquely crafted shoes that command attention and tell everyone there that you are there to conquer. Not fitting into the mold that everyone else is comfortable in, you're there to stand out and make a statement that you refuse to be moderate. You refuse to accept mediocrity in your shoe-wear, and that standard of integrity carries through into your personal life, too.

Leave behind the black and white world of regular old khaki slacks and black, shiny, plastic dress shoes. Enter the world of unique, hand-crafted, hand-painted Paul Parkman shoes. Be ready to turn heads and leave opportunity agape at the door.

35 products

35 products