The Stylish Man’s Guide to Choosing the Right Shirt

There was a time, when a shirt worn by a man was hidden beneath sweaters, jackets etc. However, in the 21st Century, the shirt is one of the most important factors when piecing an outfit together. It's amazing what unique clothing shirts can be, because this single piece can be the clincher of how formal or casual the look is. Your shirt can represent your personality, and quite often people will draw opinions about you based on your choice.

1. First things first, before you make any purchases, especially of designer shirts, make sure that you know what size you really are. One of the biggest faux pas amongst men and luxury shirts is wearing a poorly fitting one that makes you look larger than you really are. If your Italian shirt billows out above your pants - throw it away. Shirts can be expensive, so save yourself some cash, by getting yourself measured.

2. Patterns are great for casual, summer shirts, whilst plain colors are ideal for work and more formal occasions when you might need to wear a smarter dress shirt. Both plaid and gingham are huge this season, and work well for smart and casual looks.

3. Pay attention to the collar: double collar shirts are really popular this season, however this can make things complicated when choosing a tie. Make sure that - assuming your shirt doesn’t come with a tie - that you buy one that not only matches the shirt, but the collar as well.

4. Don’t be afraid to pay a little more than you’d like for a dress shirt. We’re not trying to encourage you to buy the most expensive designer shirts available, but shirts really are an example of “you get what you pay for”. Pricier shirts tend to last longer, because they’re made out of more durable fabrics. European clothing designers are renowned for doing a lot of the work by hand, rather than using mass-production machines, ensuring further quality.

5. Complete your look with a cool set of cuff links. Cuff links seem so trivial, but like a woman’s necklace, they can be a great finishing touch of perfection.

6. Finally, I’m going to sound like your mother, but: Tuck your shirt in! There is probably nothing worse - in the sense of men’s fashion - worse than a guy walking around with his shirt hanging it. Despite popular belief, it doesn’t make you look “cool” or “hip”.

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