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4 Scenarios Where Dressing Your Best is a Must

Throughout our lives we all encounter important events in both our personal and business lives.

We all want to inspire a positive response when we find ourselves confronting any of life's significant opportunities. Selecting a fashionable designer shirt to pair with other garments can influence a make-or-break outcome in situations such as:

• Job interviews

Interviewing for a dream job can be stressful enough without having to worry about appearance. Investing in one or two business-friendly designer shirts can make all the difference. The traditional white dress shirt, for example, can portray both a presence and style that boldly states you are a...

3 Places to See and Be Seen in Style this Fall

So now that you will undoubtedly getting noticed by the crowd with your attire, where are the best places to go? Here are 3 places you should attend. 

For the fashionable, modern man, dressing for fall means more than just adding extra layers and swapping leather shoes for boots. In fact, even if you live in a warmer climate, there's one important reason to focus on your fall fashion this year: holiday parties.

This season is your chance to shine, especially if you've invested in high-quality designer shirts and tailored suits that you never get a chance to wear. Bright colors,...

4 Factors to Consider When Shopping for Men's Designer Shirts

The type of designer shirt you choose speaks volumes about you.

For example, if you wear a wrinkled or ill-fitting dress shirt, you are conveying to other people that you do not care about your appearance. It can also indicate that you are oblivious to or in total disregard of fashion rules. On the other hand, Maceoo shirts worn during a special occasion show that you really put your mind and effort into creating an elegant image of yourself.

However, finding the perfect dress shirt is not a one-step process. Just like...

Au Noir Shirts - Finely Detailed Designer Shirts for Men

Plaid shirt for men by Au Noir
With a focus on the finer details that make a shirt great, Au Noir is quickly becoming a favorite shirt brand for men around the world. The Montreal based designer shirt brand produces high quality button down shirts that bring a sophisticated style to any man's look. Each shirt is crafted in Turkey using the finest materials and cutting edge techniques. The result is a comfortable and gorgeous range of designs perfect for any occasion.

Au Noir...

How to stay stylish on a budget: three tips for fashionable men who can't spend a fortune

Looking sharp and dressing with style are essential factors in all social settings. In fact, your image can shape your social circumstances, and a well-made designer shirt is just the edge to seal a deal. But what is a man to do when he's on a tight budget? The false assumption is that luxury shirts cannot be bought on a modest budget. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you find yourself in this quandary.

Quality versus quantity

It's not about how many designer shirts you have, but the quality of each one you own....