3 Things to Consider Before Buying that Dress Shirt

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What a man wears says a lot about him. From his shirt to his shoes, you can tell a lot about a guy by the clothes choices he makes. Unlike the fashion trends of long ago, men have many more shirt options than they did years ago.

Gone are the simple white, starched button down shirts that your grandfather used to wear and in are silk, brightly colored and varied collared shirts of the twenty-first century. But, the best way to navigate the changing terrain of the male fashion world is to take the following three things into consideration when choosing the perfect shirt; style, age, trends.


Style can be something as simple as a color choice or as complex as a silhouette cut versus a looser fit shirt. But whatever style choices you make, you want to make sure that you choose a shirt that makes a statement. The important thing to remember is that you want to make sure that you're making the right statement for you. A designer or Italian shirt makes a certain statement, while a polyester or cotton shirt makes an entirely different statement. When choosing a certain style of shirt, think of the statement you want to make before you get ready.


Age is nothing but a number, but sometimes the shirt choice you make is not flattering to your age bracket. A young man wearing an older style shirt doesn't flatter, as does an flamboyant shirt choice on a distinguished gentleman. While this tip can vary from person to person, typically you want to consider your age when you choose a shirt. But, remember, rules are meant to be broken and if your personality suits a style choice outside of your age-bracket, then go for it.

Trend vs Tradition

Another consideration that should be taken when buying any fashion shirt is whether the style is a trend or a tradition. Trendy shirts are great for casual nights out or non-business parties or nights out, but they're not good for business affairs or formal functions. Trends come and go, but a traditionally stylish shirt stands the test of time. You can't go wrong with filling your closet with several of them.

So, whether you're young or mature, trendy or conservative, finding the perfect shirt is a matter of looking at yourself, your personality, and purpose. Using these three easy factors will lead you to the perfect shirt every time.

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