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Franck Michel is a brand for a multitude of different men, which is what makes the shirt so versatile. It can be worn at work in order to achieve a professional, stern aesthetic. Who doesn’t like a crisp, white, cotton shirt for the office? Once the weekend hits, you can wear a Franck Michel shirt in an entirely different way. You can wear them either out to a fancy dinner to impress your date, or out to a club with an undershirt worn underneath it. If you’re looking for a sure way to impress your peers, these shirts are a definite route to achieving that.


When you’re buying a Franck Michel shirt, you’re buying quality. These shirts are 100 percent cotton, tailored and slim fit. In addition, if you haven’t noticed this about American shirts, they’re typically not sized/cut in a flattering way. Franck Michel fashion dress shirts have many features that American shirts skimp on, including double collars, and contrasting fabric. Double collars add the perfect accent to any shirt, and are specifically tailored to meet a certain mood. Whichever mood you’re in, there is a shirt to go along with it. If you’re worried about drawing too much attention to yourself, you don’t have to.


The right adjective to describe the reverse collar is dynamic. Not only does it add an interesting twist to the dress shirt, it also gives designers more creative options, and opens the range of creativity men’s designers are able to engage. Franck Michel has especially capitalized upon his own creativity, and his buyers love that about him. Frack Michel’s fashion shirts are entirely unique, affordable, and high quality. The fashion conscious understand this, as they have been increasingly stocking up on these versatile and amazing shirts.


The one drawback of Franck Michel fashion shirts for men is that they aren’t extremely available in the United States. Fortunately, they are now in stock at Since there are such a high demand for these shirts, we’re constantly restocking our collection, and also adding new looks in the debut of each season. They’re will definitely help you stick out in a crowd, but not because they’re loud and obnoxious. Franck Michel’s fashion shirts will make you stand out to those who know what a quality shirt looks like, and also, because they are also unique. They have all of the qualities of high fashion at an affordable price.


What more could you ask for in a shirt, really?


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