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Franck Michel : Genius of Menswear

Franck Michel is a brand for a multitude of different men, which is what makes the shirt so versatile. It can be worn at work in order to achieve a professional, stern aesthetic. Who doesn’t like a crisp, white, cotton shirt for the office? Once the weekend hits, you can wear a Franck Michel shirt in an entirely different way. You can wear them either out to a fancy dinner to impress your date, or out to a club with an undershirt worn underneath it. If you’re looking for a sure way to impress your peers, these shirts are a...

The Best Ways To Wear Men’s Plaid Fashion Dress Shirts

Mens plaid shirt | Fashion plaid shirt 
One recent trend I’ve noticed in men’s fashion shirts is that some of the more adventurous designers are rolling out collections that include a lot of plaid patterns.  Plaid is a pattern that we are all familiar with of course, but we might not expect to see it on a high end fashion shirt, but rather a flannel work shirt or something similarly casual.  However, men’s luxury designers are increasingly working plaid into their collections and we...

French Shirts: These Aren’t Your Grandfather’s Dress Shirts

fashion shirts for men 

America is upping their fashion game and revolutionizing the dress shirt by drawing inspiration from European fashion, namely haute couture. When someone hears the term "European luxury dress shirt", some might immediately think of shirts reminiscent of grandfather's style, however, that is not the case when it comes to Franck Michel shirts. While some consumers might be shocked at the price of these European luxury dress shirts, other consumers who are accustomed to paying high prices for dress shirts would be...