How to Pick Accessories Worthy of Your Designer Shirts

Designing shirts for men is a fine art, and every fashion designer approaches it in a unique way. Fashionable men pay top dollar for the luxurious fabrics, vibrant colors, unique patterns, and sophisticated, comfortable cuts that set these shirts apart from mass-market alternatives. Even when you get a deal on an affordable luxury shirt, you still want to complement your investment with accessories that do justice to its craftsmanship.

Clean, polished shoes

Whether you're wearing a Bertigo button-up to the beach or layering a double collar shirt beneath your three-piece suit, it's important to assemble a consistent ensemble. Don't ruin the illusion of style by skimping on your footwear. Remember that athletic shoes are for athletic activities, and nothing else. Even if you're wearing jeans with your dress shirt, your feet need to be in loafers or lace-up dress shoes.

Designer sports bags & briefcases

Your gym bag or briefcase might serve a purely practical purpose for you, but it's actually an important part of your look. Put some thought into the bag you carry, especially if it's a regular addition to your workplace wardrobe. You shouldn't keep anything with holes, tears, or stains, and most men would rather opt for something durable anyway. Instead of replacing paper-thin duffel bags or fraying backpacks every year, invest in a designer sports bag that will last. If you carry a computer or tablet with you, a messenger bag or briefcase is a great way to look professional and stay prepared.

Water-resistant luxury watches

One good watch is all you really need, and thanks to warranties and watchmaking innovations, you can breathe easy after investing in a luxury watch. Today's top manufacturers have been improving their timepieces for decades, and now you can find gorgeous, precise watches that can survive rough conditions without showing a scratch. Collections that are tailored toward divers, race car divers, and pilots offer extra measurement capabilities, but don't choose a watch for its bells and whistles unless you'll actually use them. Go with stainless steel for added durability; it also has the benefit of complementing almost any color scheme and dress shirt fabric.

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