How to stay stylish on a budget: three tips for fashionable men who can't spend a fortune

Looking sharp and dressing with style are essential factors in all social settings. In fact, your image can shape your social circumstances, and a well-made designer shirt is just the edge to seal a deal. But what is a man to do when he's on a tight budget? The false assumption is that luxury shirts cannot be bought on a modest budget. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you find yourself in this quandary.

Quality versus quantity

It's not about how many designer shirts you have, but the quality of each one you own. If you wear an off-color, ill-fitted fashion shirt that is made of low-grade material, it is instantly obvious to those you mingle with.

Other stylish men will recognize you as one of their own if you're sporting one of your Bertigo shirts; they will likewise recognize you as a poser if you wear a generic shirt manufactured with half the expertise and at half the price of a designer shirt. Use your money wisely. Instead of stocking up on a pile of generic shirts, buy two or three Frank Michel or Jared Lang shirts to always make a great first impression.

Buy neutral colors

The trick to buying quality shirts and making the purchase worth your small budget is neutral hues. Buy double-collar shirts that will match several styles of pants you already own. Buy button-down shirts that will lack a flamboyant nature and assume an air of elegant practicality instead. If the few luxury shirts you own are versatile, you will have no problem coordinating a variety of outfits.

Buy shirts that fit

As with generic shirts that are not made well, if you purchase men's designer shirts haphazardly, you may end up in an ill-fitted outfit. The quality of your shirt matters little if it doesn't complement your physique.

Make sure to invest some time in trying fashion shirts on before you buy them. After all, they are an important investment, not only due to their price and quality, but also due to the way you plan to present yourself. Enlist the help of a knowledgeable friend or personal shopper if you don't understand what kind of designer shirt fits you well.

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