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Au Noir Shirts - Finely Detailed Designer Shirts for Men

by Michael Duguet September 02, 2014

Plaid shirt for men by Au Noir
With a focus on the finer details that make a shirt great, Au Noir is quickly becoming a favorite shirt brand for men around the world. The Montreal based designer shirt brand produces high quality button down shirts that bring a sophisticated style to any man's look. Each shirt is crafted in Turkey using the finest materials and cutting edge techniques. The result is a comfortable and gorgeous range of designs perfect for any occasion.

Au Noir designer shirts really stand out when it comes to their detailing. Every shirt features embroidery below the cuff and above the top button hole inside the shirt. These little details are a subtle demonstration of the excellent quality and designer name being worn.

The details of an Au Noir shirt go beyond embroidery, too. The designer shirts feature contrasting fold up cuff garnishes, as well as contrasting button plackets and inner collars. These add a splash of vibrancy to plain shirts and make a real fashion statement without going over the top. The leather cuff clasp used in certain designs are also a great detail that can make a quietly bold statement.

Au Noir shirts are designed with comfort in mind. Along with using 100% woven cotton, soft jacuqards, and soft cotton sateens for their shirts, they are cut to a trim but comfortable shape. Au Noir shirts are slim fitting, but not too body hugging. They drape well over the shoulders and under the arms, meaning you can have full and easy movement while still looking fantastic.

The range of shirts by Au Noir include plain and patterned button down shirts in full length sleeve styles. They are at home in the office or in the club on a night out. They offer a refined style that is easy wearing and well made, resulting in a long lasting shirt that will soon become a wardrobe favorite. Their styles are bold, combining classic looks with a touch of fun. Along with their fine materials and styling, it is no surprise they are a top choice for a variety of celebrities.

Whether you pair them with jeans, a blazer, or as part of a suit, an Au Noir shirt will give you comfort, quality, and a bold style that can set you apart from the crowd. The brand is quickly becoming one of the top names in North American men's fashion, and with one wear of their shirts, you'll soon know why.
Michael Duguet
Michael Duguet

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