4 Factors to Consider When Shopping for Men's Designer Shirts

The type of designer shirt you choose speaks volumes about you.

For example, if you wear a wrinkled or ill-fitting dress shirt, you are conveying to other people that you do not care about your appearance. It can also indicate that you are oblivious to or in total disregard of fashion rules. On the other hand, Maceoo shirts worn during a special occasion show that you really put your mind and effort into creating an elegant image of yourself.

However, finding the perfect dress shirt is not a one-step process. Just like one-size does not fit all, a shirt designer or style might not suit all men. The right dress shirt includes taking consideration of the following factors:

Neck size

Neck sizes on dress shirts range between 14 and 23 inches with half-inch increments. To find your proper neck size, use flexible tape measure to get the size of your neck just below your Adam’s apple. For additional distance, add about half an inch by inserting a finger between the neck and the collar. The half-inch size helps you get a shirt that you can comfortably wear without choking yourself.

Sleeve length

The length of your shirtsleeve depends on the formality and your arm length. For long sleeves, the typical lengths are 32 or 33. Short-sleeved shirts are best suited for hot weather and are a much more casual alternative compared to long sleeve shirts.


Your shirt’s material plays a huge role on how comfortable you will be as you wear it, its durability, how easy it is to wrinkle and difficulty in stain removal. Some of the most common dress shirt materials include:
• Cotton
• Cotton blend
• Linen
• Polyester
• Silk

In addition to material, fabric weave also plays a crucial role to how your shirt feels against your skin. High thread counts and two-ply fabrics usually make a fabric more luxurious, smoother and stronger. Twill offers sturdy work shirts while poplin makes it easy to iron your shirts that will no wrinkle easily.


Considering dress shirt brands is crucial since the sizing, comfort, and fit offered by one manufacturer can be different from the next. Once you find a brand you like, you can buy the clothes for many years and truly feel confident in the decision you make every time.

Some of the most exquisite brands available on the market include:
Via Uomo shirts
Maceoo shirts
Jared Lang shirts

Designer shirts for men can be casual, funky, professional or formal. However, finding a shirt that suits your comfort levels and enjoyment is crucial. The wrong shirt can make you feel uncomfortable and look bad before others. When you narrow down your option by neck size, sleeve length, material and brand all you have to worry about is the number of items you should add to your shopping cart.


“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

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