4 Scenarios Where Dressing Your Best is a Must

Throughout our lives we all encounter important events in both our personal and business lives.

We all want to inspire a positive response when we find ourselves confronting any of life's significant opportunities. Selecting a fashionable designer shirt to pair with other garments can influence a make-or-break outcome in situations such as:

• Job interviews

Interviewing for a dream job can be stressful enough without having to worry about appearance. Investing in one or two business-friendly designer shirts can make all the difference. The traditional white dress shirt, for example, can portray both a presence and style that boldly states you are a man who pays attention to detail.

• Presentations

Perhaps your livelihood depends on sales quotas or you are the designated person who stands up in the boardroom to present a new idea or quarterly report. The image you project is just as important as the presentation you prepare. You want to convey a trustworthiness that says you provide quality work, products, and services. Style, but not flash, is important here. Double-collar shirts ideally send a message of design, comfort and reliability.

• Networking 

Holiday parties, networking events, receptions and power lunches are just a few of the networking functions that require a great first impression. Whether you need more casual attire found in our wide variety of Jared Lang shirts or the more formal, designed in Paris, Maceoo shirts, nothing says, “I’m here”, like a stylishly affordable designer shirt.

• First dates

For most men, a first date with a special person is exciting. Preparations start days in advance. A freshly detailed car, a trip to the barber for a perfect haircut, and a new outfit are all part of the basic groundwork for a big first date. The occasion calls for a designer shirt that makes a statement about who you are. Convey the importance of the date by showing up in any of the solid or striped Via Uomo shirts.

When you impress yourself, you impress others too. Quality, well-fitted fashion shirts lets people know you care about your appearance. Designer shirts for men handsomely complement your other wardrobe pieces and always rise to the important occasion at hand. Make the right statement at the right time by choosing Fashionshirts.com, where always looking your best is both easily accessible and affordable.

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