The Ultimate French Shirts For Men By Franck Michel

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Franck Michel founded his company in 1969 in Le Marais, which is the heart of Paris and also the fashion world. The brand has continuously proved itself as a pioneer in the fashion shirt industry with each season's collection release, since the company has been able to stay ahead of the fashion curve with details that have not been utilized previously. Franck Michel invokes both creative originality and innovation into his designer dress shirts in order to stand out amongst his competition. His shirt's buttons, refined lining, stitching, and modern design collar and cuffs are featured throughout many different designs, exemplifying Franck Michel's adeptness towards creativity. His materials and finishes are also markers of his strong character and personality expressed in his luxury shirts. It is not surprise that Franck Michel is able to project very specific personality traits unable to be captured by American Designers.

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