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Men’s Designer Shirts From Luxury French Designer Franck Michel

by Colin Smith January 08, 2013 2 Comments

Designer shirts for men, french shirts for men 

Are you in the market for a new men's design shirt that will have you standing out amongst the crowd? These French European dress shirts will have your friends envying you during nights out on the town. The Parisian Design Franck Michel has a new collection of men's luxury shirts at urunique.com that will help achieve the aforementioned ideals. Urunique.com hosts a wide variety of European luxury dress shirts that come in a variety of different styles and colors to suit the needs of each person's fashion sense and personality.


If you haven't heard of Franck Michel, that's fine, since you probably live in America. If you were to travel to Europe, specifically Paris, France, you would definitely hear and see people wearing Franck Michel shirts. His shirts are characterized by features such as double colors, unique button patterns, and beautiful prints and textile. In addition, Franck Michel patented a number of features that European designers have been increasingly utilizing, such as the "watchband french cuff", which uses a loop of luxury leather and resembles a watchband. In terms of mens wear, there aren't many designers that can compete with the creativity and elegance of Franck Michel. You can see his improvements as each line comes out every season, captivating the imagination by employing characteristics which make sense in terms of the world that we live in. 


Fortunately, Urunique.com has entered a partnership to be the sole distributor of Franck Michel in the United States. However, we deliver to other international locations across the world as well. These shirts begin at $99, and range to $179 depending on the shirt's details. For instance, the Alexis Blue Stripes is on sale for $99 while the recently released luxury shirt Reverso Lavender retails for $159.  These relatively high prices reflect both the originality and stylish nature of the design as well as the high end cotton used in each and every one of the shirts.  When you buy a Franck Michel shirt, you are paying not only for a fashion shirt but also a luxury garment of European clothing that feel much different than the traditional dress shirt.  


Urunique.com replenishes their selections with the seasonal releases from Franck Michel so there are often new men’s luxury shirts available quite frequently.  In addition, these fashion dress shirts carry many of the designs in multiple colors. so whether you are looking for a shirt that’s white, black, blue or even pink you’ll be able to find just what you desire in many styles that will intrigue you, and capture the attention of those around you.

Colin Smith
Colin Smith

2 Responses


February 06, 2013

very nice white shirt. how can i get the same as posted to buy right now

manish solanki
manish solanki

January 30, 2013

i like this styles

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