A New Source For Men’s Fashion Dress Shirts: Franck Michel

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Franck MIchel is indubitably creating a buzz in the fashion world by way of his fashion dress shirts. While his name might not be known in America, Franck Michel has been a huge influence in the French and Italian fashion world since the company emerged in 1969. These high fashion cotton dress shirts are designed in Paris with only the highest quality Italian cotton. Since the French have a profound appreciation for high quality material and design of dress shirts, they naturally have a profound appreciation for details that set the shirt apart from it's competition.  Franck Michel is known for his fashion dress shirts in Europe, since his details are attention grabbing in an impressive way rather than an obnoxious one. He is a pioneer two versions of the traditional dress shirt collar that have now become highly popular in the public eye: the reverse collar and the double collar. These collars have revolutionized the traditional dress shirt in that they add an accent that completely sets them apart from their competition. In France and Italy, these shirts are characterized by a certain elegance that it completely unmatched by their competition. While many designers in the US have tried to imitate Michel's style, they have been wholly unsuccessful mainly due to their lack of necessary resources and materials such as fine italian luxury cotton. It's pretty much impossible to acquire one of these high-quality design shirts in the states, however, they are now being offered exclusively on Urunique.com. Not only is this company the first to bring Franck Michel to the US, you'll be getting a completely unique product that none of your friends, colleagues, or family has. Urunique.com offers a wide variety of Franck Michel dress shirts in sizes XS through 3XL. In addition, their collection options are consistently being updated and refreshed on the website. As with many online fashion stores, last seasons collection is now on sale. For instance, the "Alexis Satin White" is now being offered for as low as $79. Believe me, this is a complete steal, since this shirt is made with the highest quality cotton available. In fact, you won't be able to find a shirt that contains high quality material such as this. All of the fashion dress shirts come in various colors in order to fit the personality of whatever kind of discerning gentleman you are. 

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