Men’s Designers To Watch: Franck Michel - What You Need To Know

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Franck Michel has been influencing the designer shirt market in Paris since his company's emergence in 1969. Since Paris is the fashion capital of the world, this is a huge feat to have accomplished. Since his unique collection features completely innovate detailed designs that are not to be found elsewhere, he has been leading the competition and dictating trends. Some of his signature details include the reverse collar as well as leather watch-band French cuffs. These shirts have a look that screams "runway", which is something many designers are oftentimes striving to achieve. With their fine details, prints, textiles, and high quality, these shirts are sure to stand out amongst a crowd.


The only place to acquire a Franck Michel shirt is through his North American partner (pronounced "you are unique"). This fashionable website features many of Franck Michel's newest garments from each season's line. In order to keep up with the high demand from out customers, we are consistently refreshing and restocking the collection to keep up with your needs.


While these designer shirts are inspired by the season's fashion trends in Paris, Franck Michel is also inspired by couture in other areas of Europe. Franck Michel is known to travel to Italy in order to seek out the highest quality fabrics for his newest collections. His unique, fashionable patterns have set his shirts apart from the crop, and also have a hint of Italian flair. If you are familiar with Italian fashion, you'll be able to see the unique blend of culture and influence within the shirts. If you go to our website,, you'll be able to see that our shirts are a hybrid style originating from pure multicultural influence. You can find the "Eiffel White" shirt, available for $119, or the "Paris Dark Blue", available for the same price. We're aware that these prices are high, but it's for a good reason. You'll find that these shirts are the highest quality available in terms of design, fabric, and construction. Whether this style is simply plain or luxurious, when you're wearing these unique designer shirts your friend will be able to decipher the details.


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