Trends In Men’s Fashion Shirts: The Reverse Collar

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In terms of fashion dress shirts, providing shirts that are high quality and have a slim fit is not enough. There are far too many notable brand names that are recognized. How are these brands set apart from each other? If you are about to invest a decent chunk of change in a shirt, you'll want it to be high quality and most importantly, detailed. Presently, fashion dress shirt designers are testing the waters in order to create an entirely unique dress shirt.

Contemporary fashion designers are revising the dress shirt. There are many different variant style of collars today, such as colors and sizes. However, these collars have always been available. In fact, Brooks Brothers presented the button down collar in 1896. These shirts aren't going to give a flare to your sense of style. If your aim is to be invisible in terms of your style, then that's great. However, there are many options presented by today's fashion desires that have presented very detailed designed into the dress shirt. 

Franck Michel is a prime example of this. He is a leading force in French menswear, as his designs stand out from the crowd due to their ability to utilize classic and contemporary styles. His line includes shirts with many different variations of double collars that include mixing and matching fabrics. For the French, these collars are yesterday's news. That is why Franck Michel is innovating them by including contrasting colors, patterns, and styles. This design is absolutely bold and daring. Just take a look at our selection at Since these shirts have just begun to emerge in the United States, you'll be setting a trend by wearing them, and not to mention standing out in the crowd.

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