French Shirts: A Hot New ‘Trend’ in Men’s Designer Dresswear

French shirts | French shirts for men 

If you care about fashion, you'll want to buy something that is both unique and perhaps trendy, but will also stay in style for a considerable amount of time. When buying new pieces for your wardrobe, you'll want it to be unique.. in other words, something that you or your friends don't have. You want a piece that inspires people to ask you questions. You want a piece that will make people remember you. If you're thinking that you'll need a new shirt for every occasion to achieve these things, you're wrong. If you're buying a shirt that has a classic appeal that goes with many different outfits, you can be sure to wow people each time you wear it.


Foreign designer dress shirts can help you to become confident, and more noticeable. French designers are definitely different than American designers. This is because there is much more competition among designers in France, so each one has to create clothing at it's highest quality. The fashion culture is very interesting, because smaller design houses have a bigger influence on style. In America, designers might feel like they don't have the creative freedom in order to make a name for themselves. Paris is the center of the fashion world, and they know what to do in order to keep styles innovative yet classic at the same time. They are able to continuously provide the world with a refined sense of style that is never trite or cheap.

Franck Michel is a great example of the dominant nature of French shirts. Since they're emergence in 1969, they have been dictating style trends. Located in the heart of Paris, they are very popular among French residents. Once you see them, you'll realize the appeal. Since they're quite rare in the United States, you'll feel extremely original wearing them. These shirts are so detailed. Unlike many wardrobe pieces in the US.  these shirts have many features such as a leather watchband, French cuffs, or reverse collars as well as bold patterns and button styles to set them apart. They're only available at in the states. Stand out in your group of friends, and invest in one of these highly unique and quality shirts.

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