Men’s Designer Shirts: Why Being Different Is A Wonderful Thing

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There are a lot of things to think about if you are considering buying a new men's dress shirt. Investing in a high quality shirt is great for people who know their worth. Having the highest quality fabrics will help you feel confident throughout the course of your day/night. If you're spending a lot of money on a shirt, you'll want it to last. You'll also want it to fit you perfectly. If a shirt is too big or won't button, it really isn't worth buying. There are two considerable factors that I can think of while shopping. First, is this shirt going to make me feel great when I'm out and about? Secondly, is this shirt going to make me stand out? 
Fashionable men’s designer shirts don’t all stand out of course.  Many big designers are fairly conservative and depend on the name recognition of their brand to sell shirts.  Their products don’t look much different than dress shirts that you can buy in a cheap department store.  Sure they are made with better materials and might be a slimmer fit and the shirt will definitely look better on your body than the cheap department store shirt, but no one is going to look closely enough at you to notice.  Especially on a night out where you’ll probably be in a dark environment most of the time, if you are wearing a plain shirt, you’re just going to blend into the background.   For some people that might be what you are going for, but not me.  I’m happy with a little bit of extra attention.  
In my opinion, I like to shop with small design brands, because then I know that my style is unique and less people will have these shirts. It's very difficult to get your hands on these kind of shirts in you aren't located in France or Europe. These shirts sell because they impress people by way of their quality and design. In addition, these designers are able to provide perfect fits. Franck Michel is just one example of a higher quality fabric and European fit. Some of these shirts are seriously slim fit, so you might need to order a size up. Either way, these shirts will be gaining you a lot of attention. 

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