Reverse Collar: What’s With the Newest Trend In Men’s Designer Shirts

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European dress shirts are now beginning to trend in the US. You might have noticed the sharp aesthetic of the reverse collar shirt. Basically, the collar has an extra fold and points up instead of down. If you haven't seen one, you might be surprised and intrigued. The way that this collar functions is a button that is placed on the collar around the middle. Designers such as Franck Michel are known to utilize contrasting colors in order to complete the look and purpose of the reverse collar shirt


Frank Michel's Miami Blue line is a good example of the contrasting reverse collar look. This shirt is now available in the US for $149 at Franck Michel offers many shirts that feature this reverse collar look. This price obviously places this shirt within a luxury tier of Men's designer shirts, and you can expect all of the aspects of a luxury shirt within his design. The shirts are all made with the finest quality of Italian cotton, and has a very specific fit. While the slim fit is great, it isn't for everyone. Be careful while selecting a size. Franck Michel is a brand that originates from Central Paris. Luckily, it is being brought to the US.

What's so great about these shirts? They aren't exactly design to be wearing a tie. For that reason, they might not be practical for some people. Most people that love these shirts typically wear them for nights out. They are rather attention grabbing. People that appreciate fashion and style notice them straight away, and will point out your use of double collar immediately. Whenever I wear my reverse collared shirt, I receive much attention by way of compliments and inquiries. In my opinion, that's always a good thing. Meeting new people is always great. Wearing an attention grabbing, stylish, and unique shirt is a surefire way to get noticed. You'll meet the right type of people in this shirt, believe me.

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