Cannes Film Festival Style with Men’s Designer Shirts

Mens designer shirt | Cannes film festival 

Men’s style might take a backseat to women’s fashion on the red carpet, but at Cannes Film Festival, that’s not all there is to consider.  While the men’s stars may keep things fairly simple and classic on the runway with white button up shirts, black suits and black ties.  However, when they aren’t on the red carpet stars (and you!) have a lot of fashion decisions to make, and they can be some important decisions in ensuring you have the best and most successful time at Cannes Film Festival.

When you are checking out films during the day, you never know what party you might get invited to, so it’s important to choose a shirt that can seamlessly transition into evening wear.  Cannes Film Festival season is full of fashionable parties that necessitate fashion wear that will make you stand out and earn the respect of the fashionable people around you.  Prepare to be judged on what you are wearing, and who you are wearing.

Because it’s so important to be fashionable you’ll need to make sure you are wearing a fantastic design from the European continent.  My personal favorite designer right now is Franck Michel.  Franck Michel is a well-established fashion house located in the heart of Paris and has been producing the high quality men’s fashion shirts since 1969.  Their designer shirts have been featured across the European continent and have brand recognition in the European fashion sphere.  The designs from Franck Michel are eye-catching and timelessly elegant.  They have a diverse line of fashions that can be worn at different types of occasions and translate from daytime wear to the nighttime events you are likely to encounter on a successful trip to Cannes.  

This is a time to go bold with your designer shirt choices.  A plain white button up is not going to cut it at Cannes.  Cannes is a place for bold styles like those offered by Franck Michel.  When off the red carpet, you’ll see stars wearing bold patterns and colors.  Franck Michel also provides shirts with unique details, like wildly different types of collars including double collars and reverse collars.  The double collar in particular is perfect for Cannes, as it provides an elegant turn on designer shirts that would otherwise be fairly simple and timelessly elegant.  This allows the shirt to be a great example of what I wrote about earlier, a shirt that seamlessly morphs from daywear to eveningwear.

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