What Fashion Shirt to Wear: Different Styles for Different Events

Mens designer shirt | Cannes film festival 

There are many different styles of men’s fashion dress shirts available these days.  Nearly as many choices as there are days in the year.  But your goal as a fashionable man is to find some select few of these shirts to be your go-to designer shirts for the events that you’ll attend when you are trying to dress to impress.  In this article you’ll learn a little about which men’s designer shirt to wear for each type of event you might attend this year.

Formal gatherings: Classic, elegant shirts
For formal events like a wedding or black tie event, it’s often best to choose a fashion shirt with a more understated style, that doesn’t scream ‘look at me!’  However, if you get close this type of shirt will whisper to you about its elegant details and the craftsmanship that goes into its construction.  Though it pairs well with tie, make no mistake, this is not your father’s dress shirt.  It wears very slim fit and won’t look baggy or billowy when you tuck it in.  Shirts of this ilk can be found in the ‘Moderne’ collection on fashion-shirts.com, the North American distributor of French fashion designer Franck Michel.  

Nights Out: Luxury, patterned shirts
For nights out on the town, whether you are going out on a date, or prowling with the boys, you have an opportunity to wear shirts that are much more eye catching than you might wear to a more formal gathering.  Here is your chance to take fashion risks, and wear something that no one else in the club has ever seen before.  You won’t be wearing a tie, so don’t be afraid of more fashion forward collar designs like double collars, or the reverse collar innovated by Franck Michel.  Also you can be much more aggressive with the pattern of the shirt, since you’ll have no tie to pair it with and it might help to stand out in the crowd of the nightclub.  Don’t be scared of stripes, checks, gingham, or even floral patterns.  Franck Michel’s Luxe collection has plenty of this type of shirt, available at fashion-shirts.com.

Summer Wear: Lighter, pastel shirts
In summertime for outdoor events, one must also consider the season as well as the type of event.  For summer, pastel is in fashion as it always is.  The light colors look great in the sun and can make your tan look great.  There is a wide range of different summer shirts available in the men’s fashion shirt market, and increasingly they employ boating motifs and lots of embroidery.  They also tend to have great bold styles like the luxury shirts, and are great for their eye-catching designs.  Show off your summer style with Franck Michel’s summer series collection also available on fashion-shirts.com. 

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