An Update On A Timeless Classic: The Men's Blue Dress Shirt

Blue dress shirts | Mens designer shirts 
It’s probably the first dress shirt you ever owned. Light blue cotton, goes with everything, you probably wore it to church with your parents and you probably still have one in your closet that looks identical.  While the light blue cotton dress shirt is a timeless classic, it has also been updated in a lot of interesting ways since that first dress shirt of yours. So stop living in the past with your old blue dress shirt and update your style to something that will look better on your grown up frame.  
There are some great options of blue dress shirts from Franck Michel at the website of their North American distributor,  Franck Michel is a French designer that produces fashion dress shirts that range from classic timeless elegance to more fashion forward, risk-taking styles. All of their products are executed in 100% Italian cotton, providing a supple feel that will blow your mind if you’re used to cheaper brands. Additionally, all Franck Michel designer dress shirts are a very slim European fit, which means no more baggy dress shirts. It may be hard for those with unique body types to find the right size, but the customer service at will ease any concerns you have and work with you to figure out which size is right for you.
The options of blue dress shirts from Franck Michel are plentiful and diverse. I’d just like to highlight a couple of options that are representative of the type elegant twist on this timeless classic.  
The Cinque Satin Blue is a blue dress shirt that at first glance looks similar to what you might’ve worn before, and that all your colleagues at work likely wear everyday. However, Franck Michel has put a unique twist on this timeless classic by lining the collar, the cuffs, and underneath the buttons. This elegant contrasting color and pattern gives a modern twist that let’s everyone know you aren’t as boring as a plain blue shirt. It’s available for $129 from
For the bold, Franck Michel also has dress shirts that really push the boundaries of dress shirts. One men’s fashion shirt that fits this style is the Miami Light Blue. This shirt has many interesting details that add to its appeal as a luxury dress shirt.  It has a unique reverse collar, a design pioneered by Franck Michel. The reverse collar showcases three different types of fabric. These designs are not for the timid, or faint of heart. A shirt like the Miami Light Blue is designed to draw attention, and signifies a certain level of commitment to fashion that isn’t indicated by a plain old blue dress shirt.

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