The Reverse Collar: A New Look in Designer Dress Shirts For Men

Blue dress shirt with reverse collar | Mens designer shirts 

The world of men’s dress shirts is generally less dynamic than that of the broader fashion industry.  However, there are some designers who are willing to take risks and striving to produce novel designs that will appeal to more fashion forward consumers.  These designers with an eye for bold designs are often European based and their products are generally described as fashion dress shirts, or just designer dress shirts. One of these designers, Franck Michel of Paris, has pioneered a bold new collar style that provides just the unique dynamic twist that many fashion conscious men are looking for these days.  

The reverse collar starts as a longer normal collar but then in a unique twist, it is folded back upon itself and secured with a button. This technique allows the designer to incorporate multiple styles or colors of fabric, much like a double collar does.  The reverse collar has the advantage of being unique compared to the double collar, which has now been adopted by many men’s dress shirt manufacturers, with each one employing a slightly different version of the double collar technique and using it to highlight different fabrics and looks. The reverse collar, however, is still a rarity even inside the world of luxury men’s dress shirts.  

In an industry where designers are constantly striving to be different than their competitors, the reverse collar, as designed by Franck Michel, provides a look that will be hard to find elsewhere. This ensures that those who are bold enough to choose to wear the reverse collar will not bump into someone else wearing the look. Additionally, it means that wearers of the reverse collar will constantly have other fashion conscious people questioning where they got such a unique design.

Franck Michel shirts are available through their North American distributor,, and are starting to pop up elsewhere online and around the globe. They are a well known brand in Europe, as they have been producing designer men’s shirts since 1969, however, they are now expanding to markets around the world. A prime example of a reverse collar shirt from Franck Michel is the Miami, available in blue, white and red from for $159.  

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