Tall Man Style Tips - How To Dress Fashionably For Your Height

If you're over 6 ft tall, you know that finding clothing that fits isn't the easiest of tasks. It might seem like manufacturers and brands are more interested in shorter men. Specialist retailers usually cater to taller men, and buying from these places could end up costing you a lot of money.

Sometimes it seems like the whole population has something against people over a specific height. It becomes rather apparent when you have to squeeze into small airplane or rental car seats. In addition, finding shorts, pants, and shirts that fit can be quite a feat. Thus, tall men have to buy larger sized fashion shirts. Typically, this will result in an unnatural look, because the size isn't in coordination with their body type.


It's important for tall men to feel confident in their clothes. Well-fitted clothing is a primary aspect of comfortability. However, buying from normal retailers will result in cuffs halfway up the arms. Some clothes can make the tall man feel like his entire body is pinched by an ill fitting shirt. There is no doubt that this will leave the tall man feeling awkward and utterly self-conscious.

Some important clothing coordantions for tall men include:


  • Sufficient width in the shoulders of fashion shirts and dress shirts
  • Adequate length in pants legs and sweater and shirt sleeves
  • Enough room in the drop of the crotch to prevent pinching
  • Closely fitting jackets and shirts to prevent billowing

There are many options available for tall men choosing pants. Whether it be slim fitting trousers or baggy cargo pants, you'll be able to achieve your desired look if you match the pants with a shirt that makes sense for the outfit.


Since tall men already are prominent in a crowd, choosing a shirt that is not very bold in design might be desired. Instead of people noticing your height first, you can opt to be chosen with your style by sporting a well cut jacket and a double collared shirt. At fashion-shirts.com, we have a wide collections of shirts in sizes that are customized for every height. We offer casual and dress shirts that will fit in order to minimize the normal problems and expenses tall men usually experience when shopping.


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