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Via Uomo : Latest in Menswear Dress Shirt Trends

Via Uomo shirts are ahead of the curve. Imagine a shirt that could fit to any situation you apply it to. You can wear it to the office and feel your most professional. A great look for the office definitely can help inspire people to work to the best of their ability.

Then picture this same shirt, worn a little differently. You can take off the tie, undo a couple of the buttons, throw on a pair of jeans, and Voila! You have a perfect outfit for going for dinner, cocktails, or to the club....

Tall Man Style Tips - How To Dress Fashionably For Your Height

If you're over 6 ft tall, you know that finding clothing that fits isn't the easiest of tasks. It might seem like manufacturers and brands are more interested in shorter men. Specialist retailers usually cater to taller men, and buying from these places could end up costing you a lot of money.

Sometimes it seems like the whole population has something against people over a specific height. It becomes rather apparent when you have to squeeze into small airplane or rental car seats. In addition, finding shorts, pants, and shirts that fit can be quite a feat....

How The Colors Of Men's Clothing Can Tell Stories

Our wardrobe styles are proven to have a huge influence on how we feel. Research has shown that wearing yellow has a truly positive impact over our emotions, as well as the ways in which other people perceive us. Yellow is associated with sunshine, springtime, sunflowers, and new life. Red gives off a threatening impression, as red is a warning sign of danger. Pale blue can give off a feeling of tranquility and calm.


Male fashion today is full of vitality and color. It yields freedom and license to choose your outfit according to your mood...