Dressing For Love - 5 Musts Your For A Stylish Man's Wardrobe

Summer is the season of love. If you're dealing with an intense summer romance, then it's probably smart to consider how your significant other is viewing you. Women are especially sensitive when it comes to fashion choices, and notice small things that men overlook. Sometimes we get too comfortable with our clothes, and don't really care to change our style. However, to a women, a man's fashion sense says a lot about the relationship. To her, it can show a certain degree of care. Here are five things that your wardrobe choices might be speaking to your woman:

1. I'm excited about seeing you.

You'll want to say this. Playing it cool is rather important. Putting forth an impressive image while keeping it cool is really important. If you're wearing a designer shirt or a dress shirt, it might say to her that how she views you is important to you. Women love that.

2. I'm comfortable with you.

Dressing up is not always appropriate. Sometimes we just want to be comfortable. In order to project this image in a way that isn't sloppy, you might want to wear a polo, casual shirt, or regular summer shirt. In this instance, you probably won't pay much attention to the fashion or color of the shirt, but it will probably make her feel comfortable, as long as you're not projecting a sloppy or uninterested aesthetic.

3. I really need a change

If you're changing the style of your shirt dramatically, this might indicate to her that things are about to change in the relationship. If you were always wearing crew necks and all of the sudden have changed to a double collared shirt, this might be indicative of a change. 

4. I'm not really feeling this.


Sometimes you it might not be apparent to you, but your outfit choice might subconsciously be telling her that you're just not that into her. If you're not trying to impress her at all with your outfits and throwing on whatever, it'll probably insinuate a lack of interest on your end.

5. I'm in love with you.


This could be the hardest thing to say. Sometimes, it can't be communicated verbally. If you truly show up in something that shows you care, or you're spending some extra money on Italian shirts, she'll be impressed. Your outfit choice truly does say a lot.

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