Designer, European, Dress Shirts - Which Is Most Fashionable?

I've been neurotically ironing my shirts before school and work forever. I'm always eager to get every crease out. I've always been very passionate about my clothing and presentation. However, I have my favorite items.

Designer shirts
Designer Shirts are often characterized by their brand's attributes. Due to their high quality, I would have to say that I prefer designer shirts over any other. These shirts will have a lifespan double that of a regular branded shirt. Once you buy one, you won't be able to go back to wearing regular clothing.
Above all, their perfect cuts are favorable. You'll be turning heads with your designer shirt, and that's a promise.

European shirts
As previously mentioned, I have an affinity for tailored slim fit shirts. If you're well versed in fashion, you'll know that the Europeans originated this cut. That's exactly why it's referred to as a "European cut". Their cuts are extremely relevant to the fabrics that they use. Just try one, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Dress shirts
Dress shirts are oftentimes limited to formal occasions alongside suit and ties. As we get older, we'll need more and more dress shirts for our wardrobe. Different dress shirts for different occasions, right?
When worn with slacks, a crisp white shirt portrays a classic looks for the office. On Fridays, wearing a patterned dress shirt with chino's is entirely acceptable. We can wear these shirts tucked in during the week, and style them for the weekends as well. If you're fashion savvy, you'll know all the ways in which to wear a dress shirt.

Alternative shirts

Having a unique shirt is a great way to project your unique personality. I'm always looking for new trends and styles with each season. Contrasting sleeve, extreme tailoring, heightened collars, distressed fabrics, and double collared shirts are now trending in the fashion world. It's interesting to try them out for new looks. Trying new styles can truly help to bring out a part of your personality that you weren't aware existed previously.
Lately, contrasting fabric has been a popular trend. This is achieved by accenting your outfit by choosing a contrasting fabric to the shirt you are wearing. Although this hasn't totally infiltrated the dress shirt market yet, it is increasingly popular in casual shirt styles. 
Double collar shirts
Double collars are definitely a popular trend in today's fashion world. Double collars look how they sound. The shirt has two different contrasting color collars to give any shirt a unique flare.

Shirts are now not only just essential for clothing ourselves- they're a great form of expression. This is the age of expressing yourself, after all.

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